Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Marijuana and "Shrooms"

This is a topic I've never written about...Drugs or so called drugs. Specifically marijuana and psilocybin mushrooms. I have not and do not partake in these things or am advocating their use but I do have a question, why are the illegal? They are naturally occurring and grow wild many places around the world and anecdotal and lab evidence shows great medical possibilities for both of them. The danger surrounding both seem to be less than even legal substances such as tobacco and alcohol, it has even been said that magic mushrooms are less toxic than aspirin. As well their are fewer use related deaths from marijuana every year than FDA approved drugs. None actually and very few from secondary cause related to use. Yes you can look that up .

So why are these substances illegal? I've not been able to find a good reason. Most of the reasons run the realm of racism, misconception, manufacturing monopoly, supposed moral or social reasoning and government propagandizing. The criminalization of marijuana came about in the early 1900's and possession has carried a penalty of anything from a ticket to life in prison.

Many of the so called "reasons" for criminalization (which can be found with a quick google search, I'm not going in to all of them) have absolutely no bearing on today's society. So why aren't they legal now? The powers that be see no reason for them to be. Besides the drug war pays for it self with fines and money confiscation and reselling of the drugs it confiscates. Add on top of that it's just one more part of your life that the government can control...

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