Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What's all this security for anyway?

The last week has brought story after story of the ordeals from people who have experienced the new airport security. The new full body scanners that use high powered x-ray machines or millimeter waves to create a digital picture of your naked body or you can subject yourself to the new "enhanced " pat downs that include grabbing of the grabbing and feeling of the genitals, breasts and butt both over and under the outer layer of clothing. Both old, young and in between have been subject to theses searches that amount to little more than sexual assault all in the name of "security".

The images that are conjured up in most people's mind when you talk about airport security is 9/11 or maybe if you're paying attention the "underwear" bomber of last Christmas or even the non-events of this last month with the toner cartridge "bombs". The high tech and highly invasive techniques that are currently being employed are designed to make flying safe, to make you feel secure.

I've got some bad news for you. It's all a show. It's all for nothing, a play of smoke and mirrors, a mind job and all that's going to come out of it ,if it's not stopped, is the American people are going to be conditioned to let the government do what ever they want to them when ever they want.
First it's in the airports with the pat downs and the mega x-ray scanners next thing you know their will be some excuse for them to be at the entrance to the airport, then it'll be giant x-ray scanners bombarding you and your family with giant doses of radiation as you enter the parking lot, and lets hope theirs not another school shooting because then it'll be pat downs and x-rays for your children at school. All in the name of making you "safe". All because we let them.

It's abuse, it's a government abusing it's citizens all for what? Control? More and more control of every facet of your life.

Ok, back to my original point. None of these security measures we have in place now would have help one tiny little bit to prevent 9/11 or the underwear bomber.

I can see the wheels turning..."Isn't this what these security measures are for, to prevent another 9/11 or underwear bomber?"...Well that's what they tell us but let's look at what happened.

Ok so lets look at this according to the official story men from the middle east hijacked four planes with the intent to fly them into the World Trade Center, The Pentagon, and the White House. How did they do this? Well according the they official story they used box cutters once they got on the plane, an item that was completely acceptable at that time.

So...would a body scanner have help here....? I don't think so.

Now with the underwear bomber that was a little different. Would a body scanner or a pat down help with this situation? Actually in this situation it might have...had he actually gone through security. From all accounts that I've heard he was actually escorted around security by a guy in a suit. I find that a bit odd don't you? Not to sound like a nut job , but it sounds like we were setup and just a couple weeks later the body scanners were announced...hmmm.

This whole thing like I said earlier, and many many others are saying, this whole TSA, body scanner, molestation pat down situation is a mind job. It's designed to make the American people accept more and more government involvement in their lives up to and including some minimum wage government goon sticking his hands down your pants and feeling up your wife. They want us to believe that we belong to them.

I do not belong to them and neither do you.

Letter to my Senator

This is a letter I have just recently sent to my senator. I just thought I would share this for those wishing to write their own but could not find the words. Please feel free to use this if you like this.

I also post this as an open lettor to all of our legeslators.

Dear Senators and Congressmen

I write to you as a concerned citizen of our great nation. I am concerned because I see our
nation taking one wrong turn after another.

The first thing I ask you to address is the issue of Airport security. The current actions of the
TSA with the implementation of full body scanners and the so called "enhanced " pat downs are clear violations of our fourth amendment rights. As well this is continuing the advancement of a culture where the American people are considered "guilty until proven innocent". While I understand that this is being done with the intent of keeping people safe
I must ask what good is it being safe yet being slave to a police state.

The second issue that be addressed is "Obamacare". I , and I know many others, ask that you work with those who seek to repeal this unconstitutional law. I understand that the health care industry has a lot of problems, I work in the health care industry. This is not the way to fix them.
This law is clearly unconstitutional and must be repealed inwhole.

The third issue I wish to address is bill S510. This is another piece of legislation that seems to be regulation for the sake of regulation while further degrading the rights of the American people. The people must have the right to freely grow their own food without the threat of
legal action taken against them. This bill seems to favor giant corporations such as Monsanto while tying the hands of small and individual farmers. If nothing else this should be reversed as the most recent food borne pathogen outbreaks have been linked to large farming operations not to small farms or individual growers.

We thank you for listening to our grievances and appreciate any assistance
in protecting the rights of the people.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Obama...the Joker? I don't think so

I have thought about this several times and again after watching "The Dark Knight". Several months ago their was a campaign depicting President Obama as the Joker from the latest Batman film. I have to take issue with this. This is completely inaccurate. I'm not an Obama supporter, heck I think they should toss the man a slow boat back to Kenya or Indonesia or where ever he's from. My issue is with the poster itself.

Obama is an ego-centric, petulant, communist control freak. The Joker on the other hand, while he too may also be an ego-centric maniac he is not a bureaucratic and power hungry, he is chaos incarnate. He is the Loki to Batman's Thor. His ultimate goal other than say killing Batman is he really has no goal other than chaos, mayhem and carnage for his own enjoyment. And while this may be the ultimate outcome of the policies and actions of the current administration I don't believe it is the goal thus making the poster, while humorous, inaccurate.

May I actually suggest an alternative and more accurate poster. Say...This one or maybe this one and this is a good one too.

Yes Obama as a sith lord. I find this quite a bit more accurate. While this image was often applied to G. W Bush it might actually be more accurate here. He's taking over in a time a sever crisis determined to literally wipe away the remnants of the old republic and remake under himself and to feed more and more power to and all powerful central government. Doesn't sound like anything the Joker would do. He'd just burn the place down and he'd probably start in Washington.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Autism and Vaccines

This is just a quick thought from my paranoid mind (is it paranoid if they're really out to get you?). I took my children to a check up yesterday and I've been thinking about this since then. For a while now their has been a debate about whether vaccinations have a link to autism in children and of course I can't help thinking about this every time my children are vaccinated.

This was one of those times where the children got vaccinated, however before they got their shots I was given an autism survey by the doctor and according to her they are now surveying all children for autism. To preface this my next statements, I have seen many articles stating that their was no debate about vaccines and autism being link and that it patently not true.
Yet...my mind can't help but make a connection here. I almost got the feeling like this was part of a study, that this was not just to check to see if my children have autism but that this would be data that is correlated and passed on and I think the one detail that gave me this feeling is that the sheets that she was taking down the info had NO personal information.

I have seen articles saying autism is on the rise...why? Is it the many, many vaccines our children are all but forced to take? Is it something else? I don't know. Why after this debate is over are they doing autism surveys on ALL children? Does this mean anything at all...?

I really don't know. It made me think though. I found this an oddity maybe nothing yet it could be that they've pretty much quelled the public debate yet still doing research on this very thing. However I've read articles stating that a link between autism and vaccines is well known within the upper circles of the medical world.

So in my mind the debate goes on.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

San Francisco says no to "Happy Meal"

As many already know the city of San Francisco has banned "Happy Meals". Effective this time next year Happy Meals will be outlawed in San Francisco. I've talked about this before in a previous blog called Irritants.

A group called "The center for Science in the Public Interest" published a report several months ago suggested just this thing. As far as I can tell this is not a real science group but a liberal think tank. So, lets just think about this, this time next year it will be illegal to get a happy meal in San Francisco but you will be able to have an abortion, buy medical marijuana and live as an illegal immigrant siphoning off our tax dollars in welfare etc... but you can buy a cheeseburger, fries, soft drink and toy all in the same package.

Let that sink in a bit...

How much of an over reach of power is this by the city council of San Francisco? It's tyrannical!
Not only are the telling a legal business that they can't sell a legal product but they are telling the citizens what they can and cannot buy! The city of San Francisco has become a tyranny and the entire country is heading the same direction. As far as I can tell this is not something the citizens of San Francisco petitioned or voted for this is something imposed on them by city council
This is Obamacare light. Government telling a private citizen that they cannot or thet they must by a legal and legitimate product from a private company.

Not only is this simply a situation of government going too far I can't help but feeling like this has it's root cause in the "War on Drugs". While I do not do drugs nor do I advocate their use when a government decides that a substance or item is so bad for you it must be illegal this sets a very bad presidence. It says that the government can tell you what you can and cannot put in your own body. It removes that very personal choice from you in the interest of "public good".
We are now seeing this filter down from drugs down into other parts of your life and it won't stop with Happy Meals it'll keep going. However...if you want to flat out kill the unborn human life growing inside of you feel free to do that in San Francisco no body will blink an eye

This is just the beginning people.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Marijuana and "Shrooms"

This is a topic I've never written about...Drugs or so called drugs. Specifically marijuana and psilocybin mushrooms. I have not and do not partake in these things or am advocating their use but I do have a question, why are the illegal? They are naturally occurring and grow wild many places around the world and anecdotal and lab evidence shows great medical possibilities for both of them. The danger surrounding both seem to be less than even legal substances such as tobacco and alcohol, it has even been said that magic mushrooms are less toxic than aspirin. As well their are fewer use related deaths from marijuana every year than FDA approved drugs. None actually and very few from secondary cause related to use. Yes you can look that up .

So why are these substances illegal? I've not been able to find a good reason. Most of the reasons run the realm of racism, misconception, manufacturing monopoly, supposed moral or social reasoning and government propagandizing. The criminalization of marijuana came about in the early 1900's and possession has carried a penalty of anything from a ticket to life in prison.

Many of the so called "reasons" for criminalization (which can be found with a quick google search, I'm not going in to all of them) have absolutely no bearing on today's society. So why aren't they legal now? The powers that be see no reason for them to be. Besides the drug war pays for it self with fines and money confiscation and reselling of the drugs it confiscates. Add on top of that it's just one more part of your life that the government can control...