Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Letter to my Senator

This is a letter I have just recently sent to my senator. I just thought I would share this for those wishing to write their own but could not find the words. Please feel free to use this if you like this.

I also post this as an open lettor to all of our legeslators.

Dear Senators and Congressmen

I write to you as a concerned citizen of our great nation. I am concerned because I see our
nation taking one wrong turn after another.

The first thing I ask you to address is the issue of Airport security. The current actions of the
TSA with the implementation of full body scanners and the so called "enhanced " pat downs are clear violations of our fourth amendment rights. As well this is continuing the advancement of a culture where the American people are considered "guilty until proven innocent". While I understand that this is being done with the intent of keeping people safe
I must ask what good is it being safe yet being slave to a police state.

The second issue that be addressed is "Obamacare". I , and I know many others, ask that you work with those who seek to repeal this unconstitutional law. I understand that the health care industry has a lot of problems, I work in the health care industry. This is not the way to fix them.
This law is clearly unconstitutional and must be repealed inwhole.

The third issue I wish to address is bill S510. This is another piece of legislation that seems to be regulation for the sake of regulation while further degrading the rights of the American people. The people must have the right to freely grow their own food without the threat of
legal action taken against them. This bill seems to favor giant corporations such as Monsanto while tying the hands of small and individual farmers. If nothing else this should be reversed as the most recent food borne pathogen outbreaks have been linked to large farming operations not to small farms or individual growers.

We thank you for listening to our grievances and appreciate any assistance
in protecting the rights of the people.

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