Friday, December 18, 2009

Environmentalism and why I'm a fan

The "Green movement" has been co-opted and corrupted by the collectivist and communists... and I'm pissed. Environmentalism and conservation is necessary and positive things. I can't think of anybody who would say "Please may I have some water with a bit of diesel fuel floating on top" or "Gee I want to live in L.A. cause it's got the highest smog rate in the country" or another favorite " Oh my mercury adds so much more flavor to my fish sticks" so..
But oh no what we've got are these imitation hippies who have been duped into thinking that taxing our self's back the stone age will help and those who are duping them ((cough ) algore).
It's ludicrous. I so want to send the Russians a thank you note for "leaking " the "climate gate" e-mails proving that global warming is the fraud we've been saying it is.

Ok back on point. I love environmentalism. Real environmentalism and am disappointed in myself that I don't do more about it. Like buying all biodegradable all natural cleaning products, picking up litter, using reusable shopping bags just to name a few as opposed to fake environmentalism like buying carbon credits, ethanol, and endorsing a one child policy. The latter don't sound like anything that's going to clean up an oil spill to me how about you? Even the bible does instruct us to take care of the planet (Ezekiel 34:17-18,Jer. 2:7). This is our home and we should keep a clean house.

And before anybody freaks out I'm not at all suggesting that we lower our standard of living, stop progress or all become Amish. In fact I want to suggest the opposite. Look at the last 50 years or so as America has progressed and flurished contrary to what the eco-nazi's will have you believe we've actually bettered our environment, reduced smog, keep a tight watch on water quality (which still is questionable in some places) our cars get 10 miles to the gallon better gas milage helped several species come back from the brink of extinction... all through progress and technology. I think that this can continue as long as progress can continue. Nuclear power, Electric cars, zero landfill factories, solar power, and more...are all solutions that have seemingly been cast to the side by the current administration and past administrations in favor of...taxes and a push towards world government.

Well it's late and I think I've lost any coherent train of thought so I'll leave with some interesting tid bits...

CO2 is not a poisonous gas without it all the plants would die and thus we all would die.

Real studies have shown that the earth has been cooling for 9 of the last 10 years as the sun has headed towards a minimum in it's cycle.

Their are real ecological problems such as over fishing, supply short falls of corn and grain due to it's use in fuel and not for food.

As ice has more mass than liquid water the icecaps melting would not cause world wide flooding melting ice caps would actually cause receding waterlines.

Polar bears can swim and contrary to popular belief their numbers are currently increasing.

Global warming is actually the more beneficial of the two climate change scenarios, as it would cause an extended growing period and and increase in the global food supply global cooling would do the opposite.

In the end climate science is one of the newest of all sciences and I'm not convinced that we have any idea ,outside of our four natural seasons, why the climate does what it does when it does. Geological evidence shows wild swing in the climate over millions of years all of it with out any input from us. So to Al Gore and all of you other climate Nazi's...
I don't want to talk to you no more, you empty headed animal
food trough whopper! I fart in your general direction! You mother
was a hamster and your father smelt of eldeberries.

Friday, July 3, 2009

I am

I am man. I am soul of a god trapped in the body of a dieing animal. I am spirit having a human experience. I am of the Logos. I am the Logos. I am soaked in the water of life. I am seen through the same eye in which I see God.

I am free. I am sovereign. I am conscious . I am in the eternal now. I am a child of Sophia. I am one with the Pleroma.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Counterfeit Money

I'm not sure what even brought this topic to mind but I thought i might write some of my thoughts about counterfeit money. Simply Their is no such thing. ok let me explain. When somebody says counterfeit you generally think fake money. But what does that mean in respect to our monetary system?

Our paper, coin and electric money isn't based on or even a substitute of convenience for well any thing, not gold, not silver, land, corn, or any thing else you can think of. Our money has "value" because we're told it does. The only reason that the dollar in your pocket or in you checking account is usable to purchase anything is because the government say it is and actually says you have to use it, try using a euro to buy something and see what happens. Really the dollar you get from the bank isn't really any different then say one you print up on your computer at home other than the government says it is.

On your money it says "Backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. Government" So what does that mean? That means that if they felt like it tomorrow the commerce dept could pop up on t.v. and declare that the federal reserve note or "dollar" is completely worthless, just like that. and everybody would be broke and that dollar in your pocket would be little more than toilet paper. The money in your checking acct no more than numbers on a video game.

The only thing that gave any effectiveness to our "money" was limiting the amount. But now with the "Bailout" the money printers are going freaky crazy making it out of nothing and in fact because of this very quickly it's going to take a lot more of these little pieces of toilet paper to buy any thing at all.

So in conclusion the reason i say their is no such thing as counterfeit money is because it's all counterfeit

just some thoughts

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Global cooling

If you're wondering why North America is starting to resemble nuclear winter, then you missed the news.

At December's U.N. Global Warming conference in Poznan, Poland, 650 of the world's top climatologists stood up and said man-made global warming is a media generated myth without basis. Said climatologist Dr. David Gee, Chairman of the International Geological Congress, "For how many years must the planet cool before we begin to understand that the planet is not warming?"

I asked myself, why would such obviously smart guy say such a ridiculous thing? But it turns out he's right.

The earth's temperature peaked in 1998. It's been falling ever since; it dropped dramatically in 2007 and got worse in 2008, when temperatures touched 1980 levels.

Meanwhile, the University of Illinois' Arctic Climate Research Center released conclusive satellite photos showing that Arctic ice is back to 1979 levels. What's more, measurements of Antarctic ice now show that its accumulation is up 5 percent since 1980.

In other words, during what was supposed to be massive global warming, the biggest chunks of ice on earth grew larger. Just as an aside, do you remember when the hole in the ozone layer was going to melt Antarctica? But don't worry, we're safe now, that was the nineties.

Dr. Kunihiko, Chancellor of Japan's Institute of Science and Technology said this: "CO2 emissions make absolutely no difference one way or the other ... every scientist knows this, but it doesn't pay to say so." Now why would a learned man say such a crazy thing?

This is where the looney left gets lost. Their mantra is atmospheric CO2 levels are escalating and this is unquestionably causing earth's temperature rise. But ask yourself -- if global temperatures are experiencing the biggest sustained drop in decades, while CO2 levels continue to rise -- how can it be true?

Ironically, in spite of being shown false, we must now pray for it. Because a massive study, just released by the Russian Government, contains overwhelming evidence that earth is on the verge of another Ice Age.

Based on core samples from Russia's Vostok Station in Antarctica, we now know earth's atmosphere and temperature for the last 420,000 years. This evidence suggests that the 12,000 years of warmth we call the Holocene period is over.

Apparently, we're headed into an ice age of about 100,000 years -- give or take. As for CO2 levels, core samples show conclusively they follow the earth's temperature rise, not lead it.

It turns out CO2 fluctuations follow the change in sea temperature. As water temperatures rise, oceans release additional dissolved CO2 -- like opening a warm brewsky.

To think, early last year, liberals suggested we spend 45 trillion dollars and give up five million jobs to fix global warming. But there is good news: now that we don't have to spend any of that money, we can give it all to the banks.

John Tomlinson is a local conservative columnist for The Flint Journal. He lives in the Genesee County area

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