Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tea Party and other conservitives

This tends to be a thought I have when ever I'm reading a news article on Yahoo or CNN or wherever they have the option to post comments and somebody bashes the Tea party or conservatives and that thought is...Why? Yes I am biased I support what the Tea party are trying to do and what other "fringe" conservatives and libertarians are working on and that is ; smaller government, lower taxes, secure borders, a healthy economy, American and state sovereignty, capitalism and the free market, personal sovereignty, upholding the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and protecting our freedom and liberty in general.

So I ask all you liberals and Tea party bashers "What do you have against these things?". Are you so brain washed that you now believe these things are the problem instead of the solution? I truly don't understand. Are the Tea party and the "fringe" conservative movement perfect...No, but the intentions, I believe are headed in the right direction. Do you Tea party haters want your freedoms taken away? Do you want your paychecks to steadily shrink through higher and higher taxation? Do you want to be at the mercy of the U.N.?

My guess is no...but I think I do know what some of the answers are. You don't want to work for your pay check, you believe that you are entitled to your paycheck from the government and the larger our government the more handouts you believe you can get from the government. So to that I say " You're ok being an indentured servant (at best) to the government?"

I know many people dislike Glen Beck for different reasons, I personally am not a huge fan, but when he can get it through the network censors I believe his heart is in the right place. A couple of months ago he held a rally call "Hope, Faith and Charity." and shortly there after and on the same day even their were those that were hold rallies that were opposing his rally.

Now lets think about this you're opposed to faith hope and charity? So... you're for fear greed and despair or are you a social Darwinist, every man for himself, survival of the fittest? If the latter is the case still why support the left who are all for a nanny state. Or do you simply want the government to make all your decisions for you?

Now don't get me wrong the establishment republicans have been just as bad as the democrats in a good many ways and I'm just as pissed at them.

Back to my original point. The people who are in favor of all the things that made this country great seem to be the ones who are attacked and disparaged the most, the tea party, real conservatives, libertarians etc... Why? The ones who seem to want to tear this country to shreds, sell us to the highest bidder and enslave us all seem to be the ones who are praised as saviors .... Why?

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