Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What's all this security for anyway?

The last week has brought story after story of the ordeals from people who have experienced the new airport security. The new full body scanners that use high powered x-ray machines or millimeter waves to create a digital picture of your naked body or you can subject yourself to the new "enhanced " pat downs that include grabbing of the grabbing and feeling of the genitals, breasts and butt both over and under the outer layer of clothing. Both old, young and in between have been subject to theses searches that amount to little more than sexual assault all in the name of "security".

The images that are conjured up in most people's mind when you talk about airport security is 9/11 or maybe if you're paying attention the "underwear" bomber of last Christmas or even the non-events of this last month with the toner cartridge "bombs". The high tech and highly invasive techniques that are currently being employed are designed to make flying safe, to make you feel secure.

I've got some bad news for you. It's all a show. It's all for nothing, a play of smoke and mirrors, a mind job and all that's going to come out of it ,if it's not stopped, is the American people are going to be conditioned to let the government do what ever they want to them when ever they want.
First it's in the airports with the pat downs and the mega x-ray scanners next thing you know their will be some excuse for them to be at the entrance to the airport, then it'll be giant x-ray scanners bombarding you and your family with giant doses of radiation as you enter the parking lot, and lets hope theirs not another school shooting because then it'll be pat downs and x-rays for your children at school. All in the name of making you "safe". All because we let them.

It's abuse, it's a government abusing it's citizens all for what? Control? More and more control of every facet of your life.

Ok, back to my original point. None of these security measures we have in place now would have help one tiny little bit to prevent 9/11 or the underwear bomber.

I can see the wheels turning..."Isn't this what these security measures are for, to prevent another 9/11 or underwear bomber?"...Well that's what they tell us but let's look at what happened.

Ok so lets look at this according to the official story men from the middle east hijacked four planes with the intent to fly them into the World Trade Center, The Pentagon, and the White House. How did they do this? Well according the they official story they used box cutters once they got on the plane, an item that was completely acceptable at that time.

So...would a body scanner have help here....? I don't think so.

Now with the underwear bomber that was a little different. Would a body scanner or a pat down help with this situation? Actually in this situation it might have...had he actually gone through security. From all accounts that I've heard he was actually escorted around security by a guy in a suit. I find that a bit odd don't you? Not to sound like a nut job , but it sounds like we were setup and just a couple weeks later the body scanners were announced...hmmm.

This whole thing like I said earlier, and many many others are saying, this whole TSA, body scanner, molestation pat down situation is a mind job. It's designed to make the American people accept more and more government involvement in their lives up to and including some minimum wage government goon sticking his hands down your pants and feeling up your wife. They want us to believe that we belong to them.

I do not belong to them and neither do you.

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