Thursday, June 24, 2010


I find I spend most of my time listening to news and talk radio as well as reading news, politics and current events. Right now their is a whole bunch of weird and wild crap going on in our world. However, I find, that it is not only the big things that send me flying off the handle but also ,and sometimes more so, the things that seem like insignificant or maybe just a passing human interest story that send my blood pressure soaring.

Lets take a recent article a group is talking about suing McDonalds. Why? You ask because they put toys in the "Happy Meals", something that they've done for, oh I don't know the last thirty one years. They claim that putting the toys in Happy Meals is "unfair and deceptive" marketing and that the food is making our kids fat...

This almost renders me speechless. What has happened to choice? What has happened to parents having the authority to make decisions about what their family eats. What right does this "Center for Science in the Public Interest" to tell me what I can feed my family? Seriously who the hell are these people?

And deceptive really? What I ask is deceptive about a Happy Meal? It's a burger and fries with a toy or you could even get it with milk and apples. They don't advertise it as anything other than that.

This is simply another "progressive" activist group vomiting their pro-government regulation propaganda in an attempt to get the public to accept the government interfering with every part of your life.

So... in conclusion my thought on this are the "Centers for science in the Public interest" should be punished for this...this is the very definition of a frivolous law favorite thought is that when they bring this to court the judge should find them in contempt, make them pay all the legal fees and court costs and put all involved in jail for a few days.

And to all the parents out there who think that McDonalds is going to make your kids fat...DON'T TAKE THEM!! That's it, you don't need government regulation to tell you that. You are the parent so what, if you're kids whine about wanting the cheap toy... again you're the parents tell them NO! Again it's that easy people.

(more about this group here and here)

This is the type of thing I'm talking about. Most people would see this and go "huh that's interesting" but not me I write multi-page blogs about it. This article ranks right up there with PETA trying to shut down KFC because they're being mean to the cute widdle chickies...wah wah wah. It's a level on stupidity that generally renders me near speechless.

On this topic I have to ask has anyone in PETA ever been around chickens? They're dirty, smelly and eat out of they're own poo, and not just when they're all cooped up, and they're dumb, a prime requite I find for being a food animal.

This is yet another one of those seemingly insignificant issues that really seems to get my blood pressure up and yet you find when you dig deeper into these issues you find that they have much more significance. Like the impact to freedom of choice.

So that's just my little nugget for everyone to chew on tonight.

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