Sunday, July 3, 2011

Forth of July,patriotism,and Liberals.

Ok to start this off I am not a super patriot who believes that the US can do no wrong. I am fully aware that our history and our present is full of mistake but I am still glad that I was born here. Because , hey mistakes happen, people make them and countries make them.

This country led the world for almost 200 years. Since our inception people have flocked and still flock here by the thousands. Why? One word...freedom. Political,religious,personal,economic ideological,freedom, was our guiding light. It wasn't pretty, it wasn't easy, it wasn't nice, it wasn't politically correct but it propelled us in two hundred years further, technologically and economically and in just about any other way than the previous two thousand.

It wasn't globalism, or wealth redistribution, or communism, or Utopian philosophy or green economics or pagan universalism that did it. It was down and dirty in your face judeo-christian based freedom that did it. It was capitalism and no things weren't and aren't perfect but people believed in this country and were proud of this country And where are we now? At every turn were being told how much this country sucks. Our pledge of allegiance and flag ,we are told, are somethings that should not be displayed in public. God, even in generic terms, is offensive and harmful and that man is not a special creation but that we evolved in some sort of cosmic accident and are a virus harming "mother earth" and not to be given anymore consideration than any other animal on the planet.

So what are wet to make of this? This is only a few things I've bothered to mention about the state of our society. I could go on for pages. I'm not knocking our country. I love our country I love the people of our country but their are definitely things dragging us in the wrong direction. I don't trust our government and I don't trust the people our government is in league with.
So how did we get this way, simple answer...WE let it get this way. We got comfortable and complacent and we let a vocal minority get away with whatever they wanted.

How do we fix our society, our country, I don't know for sure, but I do know that "We the people" must do it we must get back to our basics, God, Family, freedom. Government will not fix us in fact history shows that government usually sends us the other direction.

Just some things to think about this "Forth of July" weekend.

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