Monday, June 27, 2011

The Machine the Matrix and the Kingdom

I know, I know, it looks looks like I've missed the bus seeing as the Matrix movies came out a decade ago. However seeing as some of the concepts have become ingrained in pop culture. As well I seem to be hearing more and more that we may be living in a "holographic universe" like the matrix, though this is probably more pop-sci than science. However these things have gotten me thinking.

It got me thinking about sin and this world system, the kingdom of God and "the Matrix". In the movie the Matrix was a holographic world wired directly into peoples brains from birth. Except for a select few no one knew that the Matrix was not the real world. The few that did know worked to awaken people from their captive sleep and to the awareness that the matrix was not the real world.  When people were awakened and released from their imprisonment they woke to a world more frightening than the matrix ruled by living machines and they were draft into a war against the machines and for the freedom of mankind.
Eventually they awaken a savior character that kind of sort of defeated the machine...well more of a stalemate.

Now how does this apply to...anything?  Our world has been invaded by a "Matrix" of sorts. The illusion brought by sin is our matrix, it saturates every aspect of our world and its systems. Sin is the lie, the illusion pulled over our eyes, the prison that we can't touch tor taste or see or smell. It is the virus that corrupts our world even creation itself.

All men are born in to the matrix of sin...lets carry the computer metaphor a little further. Thousands of years ago the virus of sin completely dominated man, much as is it is now, so much that God decided to reset the system sending the flood to kill all men save eight that found his favor. However the virus began to replicate again and one day he will perform a complete hard drive wipe and reinstall and the virus and those who perpetuate it will be locked in the ultimate virus vault.
Until then God has sent the ultimate anti-virus. His son Jesus Christ. Loaded into this world to overcome this matrix of Satan and sin. Unlike Neo it wasn't a stalemate caused by Jesus's death bought the complete defeat of Satan's machine.

Jesus's death and resurrection was the jailbreak performed for all the captives who will take the "red pill" if you will. That's actually and apt metaphor as the shed blood of Jesus is how we're saved.
Take the red pill and you will wake up to a world of horror. A world corrupted and dying. You will begin to see the world as it is. The world will be against you as it has always been against now it will hate you because you are free. Because you have taken the anti-virus and it will do all it can to bring you back to its prison. It will and always has tried to keep you from the savior that lived and bled and died and was resurrected so that when your time runs out or when the great reformat comes you will not be sentenced to the virus Hell the place of darkness and torment. 

It's so easy, turn from the matrix, turn from sin take the red pill from Jesus.  Accept his gift of grace through faith that he, bled and suffered and died to give you, but yet many will not. The letter from Paul to the Romans he states men have exchanged Gods truth for lie and love the creature and not the creator.  They worship the Matrix, they love their sin more than God. They are blind to the fact that anything is even wrong. (1cor 2:14). To say that what anybody is doing is sin seems foolish to those who are so completely take by this life. Another great lie of the matrix, the lie of sin is that their is no such thing as sin that it's all relative and they see no reason to try to escape.

And like the matrix movies when you accept the red pill of Gods salvation you too are drafted into a war against Satan's machines and his agents but this war will end completely and all those who accepted Gods gift will be gathered to him and Satan and his agents will also be cast into Hell that great virus vault of darkness and torment. And when the end of this world comes a new one will replace sin...just God...just reality

So...Wake up! The Matrix has you! You are a sinner! You have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Rom 3:23) Take the red pill of Gods love and salvation and begin to experience reality!  Jesus Christ is the red pill the only way out of the matrix! The only way to have freedom from the machine!  Not wisdom as the gnostics and new agers suppose. Not some long elaborate ritual as the occults say...Just Jesus Christ.

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