Saturday, July 9, 2011


Now what oh what shall I talk about today? So much passing through my brain today. I sit and look around at our world, watch/read the news listen to people talk and I can't help thinking "our world is in trouble and I mean trouble".

It seems like everything is getting ready to crumble. The US economy,whether people will admit it or not, is in some serious long term trouble as well as half a dozen other big economies. There is a war raging on our southern boarder and in countless other countries. Our politicians seem to get more and more corrupt every year. Natural disasters seem to be at an all time high. Even our society seems to simply falling in to decay, nothing is sacred accept the very things that will destroy us.

When you try to take it all in it really is very depressing, to watch the world on its steady swirl down. ..or is it? Should we despair as watching the world implode. I think that depends.

If you are an atheist or a pagan or someone who's whole mindset depends on this world. If your whole focus is the things of this word then yes, you should probably despair because the whole thing is coming down! The matrix is collapsing be afraid, be very afraid because it's not going to get any better any time soon, if ever. Our economy is showing no sign of recovering anytime soon. The world economy is in turmoil. The world at a whole is in turmoil. Yet anybody even half awake should know this.

So...what about those who believe in Christ. Should we be depressed and mopy about the state of the world? Should we be angry shaking our fist fighting the world? Should we cut our selves off from the world, hide in the woods polishing our guns and boiling our water? I'm reminded of something Pastor Billy Crone likes to say "This is not a time to get fearful, this is a time to get faithful."

So...what do I think...this is a time to fight. This is a time to put on the Armor of god and fight. In this "free country" Christianity is more attack now than at any other time in this countries history, not only in this country but as Islam ramps up and tyrannical regimes crack down Christianity is becoming more and more persecuted, every day more and more Christians are killed or imprisoned for nothing more than believing that Jesus Christ is the son of God, died on the cross and rose three days later. And the enemies are not just from without they are from within as well.

False, lukewarm, and even blended doctrines are becoming more and more prevalent within the American church. Basic doctrines such as hell and salvation through Jesus only are being replaced with fuzzy wuzzy pluralism. The feelgood doctrines and the health and wealth doctrines have become a sweet poison within the church.

So what should we as Christians do? Stick together...actually read the Bible and find men and women who will actually teach whats in it. Political action, while we still can, find men and women who honor god and do our best to put them in office. Not be afraid to speak up and disagree with those spewing false teachings. Look at our own lives and see if what we're doing shows the world that we're following it or if we're following God.

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