Monday, June 28, 2010

The second Amendment must be honored by states

The supreme court ruled today that the second amendment must be honored by states in a 5 vs 4 vote split down party/ideological lines. This is something quite honestly I have always thought was a no brainer. In fact I've pretty much always the the entire Bill of Rights was pretty self explanatory.

So why does this issue of gun rights keep coming up time and time again? A few reasons that I can think of. For one well meaning yet misguided rose color glasses wearing liberals for some reason believe that taking away the legal right to have guns will stop criminals from getting guns and killing people. I don't know why.

The second is power, fear and control. Taking guns away from the general populous will take power from the populous. The government fears an armed populous especially governments with the intention of grabbing more and more of our rights. Taking the guns away from the general law abiding populous is a ploy to pacify the populous leaving a malicious regime the opportunity raid pillage and plunder the people with out fear of an armed revolt.
As well an unarmed population will turn more and more to the government for protection, whether it be police, sheriffs or the military.

That's really about the long and short of it. This ruling is definitely a step in the right direction. If Elena Kagen gets approved for the Supreme court I fear fewer and fewer steps in this direction. Hopefully the senate will have enough testicular fortitude to keep that from happening.

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