Friday, June 4, 2010

The Future.

The future is something that is on every ones mind right now, because right now the future, here isn't looking too bright. But I'm not just talking about the future of the united states, I'm talking about the future of the human race. The future of humanity is something I've always been interested in. My interests in this topic have included everything from science to science fiction to Bible prophecy.

My thoughts on the future of humanity is pretty simple. Humanity will endure as long as we can. Whether it just be another 100 years till we destroy ourselves or be it another million years or longer. We will endure as long as we have the will or as long as our creator will allow.

What shape our future will take? I feel it will take many, from the pinnacle of liberty to the depths of despotism and mixtures and any combination of, through times of stability to times of natures worst wrath and from the height of known technology to the dark ages and back.

What is my hope for humanity? My hope for humanity is the stars. I don't believe that I'll be alive for this, but my hope for humanity is that we will one day be able to explore the stars and colonize other planets.

You see, I fully believe that there is other life out there. With so many stars and so many of those stars having other planets it's almost to hard for me to believe that their isn't any other life out there. Whether they've visited us here I don't know but I believe they're out there, and if we can go to the stars before we obliterate ourselves I believe we may just meet them.

Not to mention our creator is a creator. Did he just quite creating all together with us? The Genesis outlines our creation doesn't say one way or another whether he did anything anywhere else. So is it not possible he created others elsewhere? The Bible and other scripture deal specifically with us on earth.

So how does this mesh with Bible prophecy? I don't know that it does but I'm also not sure that it doesn't. I've read the book of Revelations (many times actually). the ending gets a little mixed up. See the world never actually seems to end. It speaks of a new heaven, a new Earth and a new Jerusalem and this is all after the judgments and then it goes into a description of Heaven. As well as after the thousand years the dragon is let out of the pit and things seem to get back to normal for awhile and then he gets kick out for good. Then there is the judgment and the new Earth and such.

I know many people believe we're in the days just before the things in the Book of Revelation start and some actually believe that these are the events of the Book of Revelation and Daniel spoke of. Personally I've meditated and studied and prayed and I am not so sure myself.

I guess I just don't see the creator, if in deed he is a benign creator, I don't see him as being a short term kind of guy. If a thousand years is indeed as a day to him and humans have only been around for six thousand years then we're barely a week into this thing. So why stop now?

These are just my thoughts...

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