Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dumb as a box of hair

I just commented on a friend facebook that our representative in D.C. are stupid and they are. From a normal common sense perspective they're dumb as a box of hair. If you have a debt problem you don't fix it by spending more.

However if u want to take down a country from the inside. If you want to remove it's sovereignty and make it dependent on a global system without an armed take over, then you spend like a crack head with a stolen credit card.  In this light what has just happened (debt ceiling, super congess etc...) makes perfect sense.  Look at Obama who during the election was campaigning all over europe. Why? They don't vote in our elections. This shows his "global" mind set.  I don't for one minute that he's loyal to America like most americans are. conclusion is that all this we're seeing in Washington is globalist maneuvering. I truely belive the next step is the Amero. We might even see it before the next election...if there is one

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