Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Illuminati at the Movies

     The Illuminati at the Movies...Some short reviews of some fairly popular movies and the illuminati messages found in them.

   The first one is Batman: The Dark Knight. This has been a fairly prominent meme in the "Truth" community or at least part of it.

Well this image was fairly popular but I believe the truth movement and all those promoting this meme have it completely backwards. The Illuminati puppet Obama is obviously dangerous but the Joker is all wrong. The Joker was probably the strongest symbol of freedom and Individualism in the entire movie.  The Joker is a consummate anarchist who is completely against the establishment so far as to shun monetary gain from his exploits. And yes while the Joker was the extreme and extremely nuts he was not the Illuminati symbol of the movie. The Illuminati symbol of the movie was non other than the title character him self Batman!

I know, shocking right? Really if your think about it it makes sense, an ultra-wealthy tech magnate who masquerades at  night as an occult creature taking the law in to his own hands yet handing them over to the establishment without so much as a warrant or reading them their rights. In fact in this movie he goes so far as to go across country boarders to get the "bad guy".  And at the end of the movie he bugs every bodies cell phone so that he can conduct his black op to take out the Joker. 

If you ask me Batman is a clear symbol meant to show the Illuminati works in occult secrecy to terrorize the populous in the guise of their "savior".

    Now for something a little more contemporary "The Avengers" This one is one is actually one of my new favorite movies and it's over flowing with an ANTI- Illuminati message. Yep that's right...this is probably one of the clearest anti-illuminati movies since "Serenity" 

Now this one is easy to miss ...First off you've got the Avengers themselves numbering 7. 7 is Gods number, the number of perfection. This is the first symbol and the easiest to miss. 7 heroes representing the entirety of humanity. 

The next I'm surprised that many will miss is enemy army that the Avengers fight at the end. A cyborg species of aliens led by Loki an occult god of magic and mysticism aka the Devil. If guys like David Icke and Alex Jones is correct this can represent nothing but the Illuminati.  A group of transpecial Aliens (obviously refering too the alien hybred origins of the Illuminate and the transhumanistic goal of many of it's operatives) lead by the devil to enslave humanity. But this movie, unlike many others movies produced by the elites, this movie has a happy ending. The good guys win. The small group of Avengers representing humanity quickly defeat the greater army of the Illuminati aliens.  It's clear that humanity has an ally in Joss Whedon inside the Illuminate saturated movie business. 

But this is just a small sample of the anti-illuminate symbolism scattered throughout the movie. 

More examples to come...but if you look closely you can find many many other examples of Illuminate and Anti-illuminate symbolism in Hollywood..


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