Monday, June 4, 2012

The Singularity?

     What is "The Singularity"? Have you ever heard of the "The Singularity"?  I wouldn't be surprised if you haven't. I actually first heard about it a few years ago but didn't have a name for it.  The easiest way that I can describe this is as one of it's biggest proponents put it  "The Singularity is the the point when humanity transcends biology".
     Still not clear? Basically it's the point where we've developed computer and artificial intelligence technology to the point where humans will either have to merge with machines or die out, essentially.  This isn't a new idea, anyone who is a fan of  science fiction has ran in to this idea many times and probably didn't realize it, The Matrix and The Terminator are probably the most recognizable in pop culture.
     The idea itself sounds like science fiction, but I propose that where we realize it or not it's a goal that's been slowly invading our culture. Recent technological advancements such as micro chips that can be implanted in to living being, the xbox kinect, cybernetic implants that restore sight, smart phones that are continually connected to the internet, google glasses and even tattoo that are functional microchips, while individually seem to have little relation to each other but together are building to a world that is continually connected by an ever growing network and not just connecting computers but humans being connected to the network as well.
      So let's summarize, simplify and flip this around. The Singularity is where human's have created their own super intelligent technological gods and are ourselves attempting to gain immortality through the use of cybernetics and nano-technology. Is this in reality going to happen? Probably not, not the way the proponents want it too, through the downloading of our conciseness into computers, robots or whatever. This is a real goal. This isn't a conspiracy theory. There are people actively working towards this goal! (The Singularity institute)
    But what does this mean? Could this type of technology be the instrument used to create the "One World Government " that many  (including me) believe the governments of the world are working toward and that many believe is prophesied in the Book of Revelation?  Could be.  Could this be the technology that is used in implementing a physical "Mark of the Beast" Maybe.

      I don't know the answers to these questions but this is something that is happening. We are moving closer and closer to being to connected all the time look at Facebook and Twitter. Even look at our video games, and our phones and even our T.V.'s all connected to the internet. Information on where you are and what you are doing being constantly collected and we don't realize it, think about it and I'm sure their are a lot of us who don't even know this is going on!
     So again what is this? What does this mean? What does this mean to the Christian? Is technology the new tower of Babel?  I'm not sure I have a sufficient answer. Technology is a tool. Internet technology has allowed the Gospel to be spread 24/7 365 all around the world but it has also allowed evil to be spread 24/7 365 all around the world.
    I do not believe technology in itself is evil. I quite enjoy technology myself always have but it we must we vigilant that it does not become an Idol. We must push back and realize that as powerful and advance as it has become that we do not elevate it above God. We must be aware that many out their believe that because we have these marvels we have no more need for God. But the truth is as liberating as technology can be in the helping and healing of those who are sick or injured or connecting loved ones around the world. It can also be a prison. It can be a prison of pride.  The same pride we saw in Nimrod. And the same temptations offered to Adam and Eve that the knowledge we have can make us like God. I could go on about the sin and dangers that are promoted throughout the internet and the pride and idolatry that is in the scientific community but I don't think it's necessary.
     I think what I'm really saying here is be vigilant their are people who will abuse what ever they can.

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