Wednesday, February 2, 2011

South Dakota Gun Bill

This article is about a bill requiring citizens of South Dakota to
buy a fire arm. This bill is designed to do one thing...make big
government liberals heads explode. The article itself even says that
(though not in so many words).

This is something I normally not even bother with ,except maybe a
quick praise and go on, however I've seen some comments about this
article that have concerned me.

I write this to all those who seem to want to find the truth and fight
against globalism,the NWO, etc...etc... I'm going to make this short


Not everything is a deep dark conspiracy, and actually depending on
how your states constitution is written it may be constitutional for a
state to require you to purchase a good or service. Its not for the
federal government.
This bill came out just before (or maybe right at the same time) as
the Florida state ruling against "Obamacare", I personally don't think
that means anything. I also don't see how passing this bill could do
anything accept make the "powers that be" pissed. To arm an entire
state completely flies in the face of everything that is seemingly
being planned.

Do I think this should pass, no. I don't think anyone should be forced
to buy anything. Would I laugh till I pee myself if it does , you bet
I would, I can just hear all the talking heads of the MSM frothing at
the mouth now.

This is little more than a middle finger aimed at the feds and a thumb
to the eye of Obamacare and symbolic gesture of states rights.

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