Monday, January 10, 2011

Tuscon Shooting

First off I must say my heart and prayers go out the victims and family of the victims of the shootings on Saturday. While any loss of life of this type of a situation is a tragedy, why is this any more or less of a tragedy than any other tragedy of this type. This was the loss of life at the hands of a deranged mind. This is not a political issue. However...within 24hrs the partisan hacks were circling like vultures. Including the President himself. It's starting to piss me off.

They are using this as springboard to introduce more freedom stealing legislation. I've already heard of laws being discussed for more gun control and the restriction of free speech. I find this highly disrespectful to those who were gravely injured or lost their life. Life is not a political tool.

We must be vigilant about these things. The enemies within salivate at the thought of tragedy that they can use to their advantage, to pull on the emotions of a grieving people. They are hyena's seeking prey.

We are a world descending to madness. Lost and wondering in the dark, though the light has not left us we have left it. We can no longer even recognize the light yet it be right here with us and even when it approaches us it is scorned we send it away, we say "leave us we are looking for the light" We are confused and forgetful.

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