Friday, December 18, 2009

Environmentalism and why I'm a fan

The "Green movement" has been co-opted and corrupted by the collectivist and communists... and I'm pissed. Environmentalism and conservation is necessary and positive things. I can't think of anybody who would say "Please may I have some water with a bit of diesel fuel floating on top" or "Gee I want to live in L.A. cause it's got the highest smog rate in the country" or another favorite " Oh my mercury adds so much more flavor to my fish sticks" so..
But oh no what we've got are these imitation hippies who have been duped into thinking that taxing our self's back the stone age will help and those who are duping them ((cough ) algore).
It's ludicrous. I so want to send the Russians a thank you note for "leaking " the "climate gate" e-mails proving that global warming is the fraud we've been saying it is.

Ok back on point. I love environmentalism. Real environmentalism and am disappointed in myself that I don't do more about it. Like buying all biodegradable all natural cleaning products, picking up litter, using reusable shopping bags just to name a few as opposed to fake environmentalism like buying carbon credits, ethanol, and endorsing a one child policy. The latter don't sound like anything that's going to clean up an oil spill to me how about you? Even the bible does instruct us to take care of the planet (Ezekiel 34:17-18,Jer. 2:7). This is our home and we should keep a clean house.

And before anybody freaks out I'm not at all suggesting that we lower our standard of living, stop progress or all become Amish. In fact I want to suggest the opposite. Look at the last 50 years or so as America has progressed and flurished contrary to what the eco-nazi's will have you believe we've actually bettered our environment, reduced smog, keep a tight watch on water quality (which still is questionable in some places) our cars get 10 miles to the gallon better gas milage helped several species come back from the brink of extinction... all through progress and technology. I think that this can continue as long as progress can continue. Nuclear power, Electric cars, zero landfill factories, solar power, and more...are all solutions that have seemingly been cast to the side by the current administration and past administrations in favor of...taxes and a push towards world government.

Well it's late and I think I've lost any coherent train of thought so I'll leave with some interesting tid bits...

CO2 is not a poisonous gas without it all the plants would die and thus we all would die.

Real studies have shown that the earth has been cooling for 9 of the last 10 years as the sun has headed towards a minimum in it's cycle.

Their are real ecological problems such as over fishing, supply short falls of corn and grain due to it's use in fuel and not for food.

As ice has more mass than liquid water the icecaps melting would not cause world wide flooding melting ice caps would actually cause receding waterlines.

Polar bears can swim and contrary to popular belief their numbers are currently increasing.

Global warming is actually the more beneficial of the two climate change scenarios, as it would cause an extended growing period and and increase in the global food supply global cooling would do the opposite.

In the end climate science is one of the newest of all sciences and I'm not convinced that we have any idea ,outside of our four natural seasons, why the climate does what it does when it does. Geological evidence shows wild swing in the climate over millions of years all of it with out any input from us. So to Al Gore and all of you other climate Nazi's...
I don't want to talk to you no more, you empty headed animal
food trough whopper! I fart in your general direction! You mother
was a hamster and your father smelt of eldeberries.

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